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Benefits of using Novi Real Estate Online Website

There's a lot of wrong advice on the web about why you should not hire a real estate agent when looking for a property in Novi. Well, everything has its own advantage and disadvantage. However, the downside of going your own way when buying property is more apparent and serious than if you sought the help of a professional to stand in on your behalf.

In regard to this, informed consumers utilize reputable real estate agents to find their ideal property. They recognize that by enlisting the help of a professional, they are able to save time while still avoiding the risk of not having the transaction go through in the last minute.

So here are the benefits of using Novi Real Estate Online Website to find you dream property

1) Neighborhood Knowledge
Real estate agent Bob Jakowinicz is very good at this. He has intimate knowledge about the entire neighborhood of Novi. He identifies comparable sales before handing over the facts to clients in the shortest time possible. He can also point you to the right direction, where you will find more data for social amenities such as schools, hospitals and many more.

The reason why you should do business with him is because when you buy a home or any other property through him, you are making an informed decision where demography is concerned. This automatically gets you the best property of your choice.

2)  Minimize paperwork during the process

Buying property involves lots of paperwork. These documents come in form of the counter offer, printed offer, and many other small details that need to be signed on paper (or electronically). This is a challenging and time-consuming process that you may not be able to handle on your own. Furthermore, this process requires a professional who has the necessary tools, equipment and experience to make the work a little easier for you.  Experience in this field can go a long way if any issue arises.

3) Price guidance
This may be contrary to what people believe. You see, real estate agents don't select prices for buyers or sellers. However, they make sure that they've issued correct guidance that will help the client land their ideal property.  Real Estate Agents are taking into consideration the possible bank appraised value, competitive property pricing and the current market conditions.  Based on the state of the market, the conditions and supply in the area, the agent will negotiate the price on your behalf.

4) Closing problems
Closing problems can make you lose your dream property in the final hour. But on the other hand, a professional can foresee these problems and prevent them in advance. After all, they are working in your best interest.

If you're just wondering how closing or transaction problems emerge?  Negotiating the price and terms initially, inspection issues, municipality issues, association issues, possible bank appraisal or inspection issues, time and place for closing and what condition/items to be left behind after closing just to name a few.

5) Developing a solid relationship for future business
Real estate depends on referrals. If there were no referrals, it would be very difficult to survive on new businesses alone. But whereas this might sound like a personal motive, the truth is that working this way gives agents an incentive to keep you happy. Furthermore, you might be in need of hiring an agent again, and the same person you worked with will be there for you. In fact, most of the professionals in the industry will send you periodic updates on the real estate market so you're up to date with information.

The benefits of using Novi Real Estate online website are vast, and not limited to the things highlighted above. We mentioned Bob Jakowinicz because of his vast experience in the market. He has also helped several clients acquire their dream property in the past, so he can help just about anyone ready to find a home.

Published Tuesday, May 19, 2015 9:00 AM by Bob Jakowinicz

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