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Novi Michgian Real Estate Agent/Realtor


What is a Realtor?  We get this question a lot so we have decided to attach a link and do a little bit to describe it below.  Many local real estate agents are Realtors, feel free to ask yours if this is the case.  Realtor definition link.

What do you look for when your searching for a Novi Michigan real estate agent/Realtor? When a real Novi Michigan Real Estate Agent Realtorestate agent search first takes place the best option is to search for a specialist who does what your looking to do.  

Are you looking to buy, sell, lease, build, vacant land, farm, commercial, land contract, corporate relocation, etc Novi real estate?  This is a very important first step as you will want to make sure to go with someone who does what your looking to do a lot.  As a general rule of thumb try to use a real estate professional who is within 15-20 minutes driving range to your target area.  Many real estate agents may live in Novi while their office is in Livonia or Plymouth (for example).  These agents most likely can provide excellent service in Novi despite their office being in another area (still close by).

Selling Novi Michigan Home

Where should you start?  Let's put it very plain and simple of what needs to happen first, second, third, etc. 

Novi Michigan Fire Truck1st:  Properly preparing for the hoem to go on the market.  Be prepared to show the home in the best possible way to the best possible potential home buyers.  Real Estate Agents can be very good at this process and many times net far more money for their clients than they cost.  Remember the majority of the time spent by your real estate agent is managing the transaction.  All the other things real estate agents do typically don't take near as much time and effort as constant transaction management.

2nd:  Your home needs to be where/advertised the potential home buyers for your area are looking.  The area for this is growing very quickly, web presence is essential.  It doesn't matter if your nice, a good negotiator, smart, know the area or anything else if you can't get the word out to as many GOOD POTENTIAL HOME BUYERS in that particular area.

3rd:  Negotiate your price and terms.  This is how your will actually sell your Novi Michigan home.  The purchase agreement will dictate the terms and conditions all parties follow and how the home is transferred to the new owners.  

4th:  The closing process.  Now is the time all inspections, appraisals, city certifications, etc have been complete and time to transfer ownership.  Your agent will be with you every step of the process and by now you should have a great idea of what is happening and why.

Buying Novi Michigan Home

Again let's be very plain and simple as we talk about this.  We are assuming one has already discussed their financing options and is ready to go.

1)  Meet with your potential real estate agent/Realtor and see what your thoughts are about them.  IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT TO DO THIS.  Buying a Novi Home is a bit different than selling a home.  Many times it takes a bit more time when working with everyone to purchase a home.  Make sure your Novi agent knows what is customary for the area so you can move forward without any inspection, title, municipal, etc, issues.

2)  Some people have decided to call the listing agent directly.  If this is what you have decided to do make sure you fully understand what you are signing and all the terms and conditions.

3)  Taxes and what will they be once you owne the home.  Please be aware that the taxes on the home may dramically change once a new owner purchases the home.  The state can now re-evaluate the taxes and adjust them if necessary.

4)  Insepctions and city certifications.  Please be aware of any local municipal requirements to sell the home and take ownership. 

5)  Once you negotiate your price and terms be mindful to manage your time appropriately.  Inspect when you are supposed to inspect, apply for your mortage on time, etc.

If you or anyone you know has any real estate related questions please be sure to contact us anytime at 734-578-6561 or BobandTeena@Yahoo.com.